Working with gold lustre….

Haven’t written a blog for a while, but it feels nice trying to put down in words the different steps in making what I do.

This is me, and this is my new mask for working with gold lustre. It was a little self indulgence for surviving three days of half term at my parents who are great once in a while, lovely sometimes, but babyboomer-judgy mostly. But never mind, as my partner advises – repress the hell of those sorts of things. I’m an introvert, so that advice makes a whole lot of more sense than therapy.

Anyway that is by the by…..

I recently did my first gold lustre on some of my body pots, and I am obsessed….Putting on lustre – noxious fumes aside – is an amazing process, because those brown dabs that you put on before firing the work in a kiln transforms it so beautifully. So for now I am going full on gold lustre. ┬áIf I could, I would be putting gold lustre on everything. I’m glad my partner keeps my children out of sight – when I am, as I describe it, in my “Blue Velvet” mode…..

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