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Eggs and Bananas

Painting the earthenware plate with the range of underglazes and glazes I have managed to accrue slowly and with much thought. The images I had in mind were so specific in terms of colour, and it seems vital to achieve … Continue reading

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Planets and new friends

Painting my earthenware plates finally, after longingly looking at them for so long. Two beings meeting, how nice for them.

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Keeping at it, and getting there.

Testing plate with all my glazes and underglazes and stains, with and without transparent glaze, mixed and applied thinly and thickly. All noted. It’s a thing that I can spend long stretches of time considering, because there are so many … Continue reading

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Summer holidays, funny old birds and itchy hands

Summer holidays are in full swing and I am filling paddling pools, so instead of making today, I will post this one – it’s one of a stoneware bird decorated with blue and green glazes, and blue stain. It’s getting … Continue reading

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