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Working with gold lustre….

Danish ceramicist’s look at work and family life Continue reading

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Summer holidays, funny old birds and itchy hands

Summer holidays are in full swing and I am filling paddling pools, so instead of making today, I will post this one – it’s one of a stoneware bird decorated with blue and green glazes, and blue stain. It’s getting … Continue reading

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failing and not failing

My plate a day ended up not being any of the sort, but I am persevering because it seems to work, despite not being any of the sort in terms of making plates, or adhering to one a day. No-one … Continue reading

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Monkey Wall Painting

The Monkey from a mural I did a month or so ago. Seen from a slightly different angle he is sitting, rather than floating on the branch of the mirror. I tried to give him a slightly guilty look as … Continue reading

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Mother hen and her flock….

Slowly trying to get back into a good work rhythm again.  Why does it take ages to get a good work rhythm and such short time (and a few boozy weekends) to destroy it? 

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Bananas and Eggs

Plates with a simplicity of form but hopefully soon with a delicate difference of colours. Can’t wait to get started #eggs #bananas 

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Funny face

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Pots and bodies

Latest round of my little body vases have come home. 

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